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Yes! We are making face masks for Children and Adults! Various fabrics, colours, and patterns are being made daily at KP Quilting Studio! 

Exclusive Creator of
The Weighted Comfort Quilt

Combining the therapeutic benefits of a Weighted Blanket with the beauty and style of a traditional Quilt.

Are you suffering with the symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, or Insomnia? Do you have a loved one dealing with Autism, Aspergers, Alzheimers, or other challenge. Have you thought about buying a weighted blanket but aren't sure if it will work? Well KP Quilting Studio has you covered! Now you can try out a Weighted Comfort Quilt in the comfort of your own home for up to a week! Check it out below!

Flannel Weighted Blanket


Want to try out a Weighted Comfort Quilt for up to a week in your own home?
Here's how:

Simply choose from the six Weighted Comfort Quilts below. Check out to pay your refundable deposit, which will secure your spot on the waiting list. KP Quilting Studio will contact you within 72 hours to confirm shipping information and other details. Easy-peasy!!

About KP Quilting Studio

Exclusive Creator of the Weighted Comfort Quilt

Owner, Lisa Mosher has combined her love of sewing with her passion for helping people with her Weighted Comfort Quilt designs. These unique quilts give you the therapeutic functionality of a weighted blanket with the beauty and style of a quilt!

About Lisa Mosher

Lisa has loved to sew since she was a little girl. Her fondest memory is of her Grandmother Jessie showing her how to quilt by hand while sitting around an old-fashioned quilt frame with her mom and aunts. As an adult, Lisa worked with people facing mental health and addictions challenges. Through this career, Lisa has honed her ability to understand and empathize with her clients’ specific needs and to help them find solutions that are right for them. Lisa understands that everyone’s journey is different and each person is the expert on his or her experience of life. Lisa thoroughly enjoys working hand-in-hand with her clients to create designs that are customized to their unique personality, tastes, and needs.

About Weighted Comfort Quilts

Weighted Comfort Quilts combine the therapeutic benefits of a weighted blanket with the beauty and style of a traditional quilt.

Lisa made her first Weighted Comfort Quilt for a friend’s daughter, Emelia, who has Autism. Wanting something perfect for Emelia, Emelia’s mom commissioned a patchwork quilt in Emelia’s favourite colours, only with the addition of 10 pounds of extra weight. Emelia loved her new weighted quilt and had her first really good night’s sleep ever (and so did her parents)! This experience was life changing for Lisa, as she realized that she had the potential to help lots of people by creating personalized and perfectly weighted versions of her beautiful quilts. Hence, the Weighted Comfort Quilt was born!

About KP Quilting Studio

In June 2017, Lisa started KP Quilting Studio, realizing a lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Less than a year later, she retired from her day job so that she could focus all her attention on KP Quilting Studio and helping all kinds of people in her own unique way. Traditional quilts and Weighted Comfort Quilts are the main products that KPQS produces, however Lisa does enjoy the challenge of making other specialized items like Weighted Buddies, T-Shirt quilts, and Memorial Quilts. Lisa works hand-in-hand with the client to create a design that is perfect for their unique personality and needs. Her customers love that they can order highly personalized items and they can be involved in all aspects of the design process.

Lisa also offers Custom Long Arm Quilting services!

KPQS is located on the beautiful Kingston Peninsula in New Brunswick, Canada.

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I commissioned these beautiful baby quilts for the upcoming birth of my sister’s first child (my little niece or nephew to be! 😍). Lisa Mosher, what an incredible job you did! Couldn’t choose just one of these, so I bought BOTH! And she loves them! Thank you so much for helping me to give my sweet sis something so special! Even better that they were made with love by one of my besties! ♥️♥️

Joy - Saint John, New Brunswick

She made a wonderful quilt for my wife. We love it.

Woody - Hartford, Connecticut

She made a beautiful baby quilt for a friend in just a few hours, right in front of our eyes..... very talented lady and beautiful handcrafted work.

Lisa - Liverpool, Nova Scotia

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